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SCDT/ SCLT Stourbridge PowerHaus development on Enville Street, Stourbridge has been supported by a Homes England grant and achieved planning permission in April 2021. 

This car free development in partnership with Green Square Accord Housing will be  built to the highest environmental standards, incorporates a shared workspace for integrated home working, a roof garden, solar panels, electric bike scheme and dedicated recycling area.

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The Stourbridge PowerHaus

42 Enville Street , Stourbridge, West Midlands 

The PowerHaus

SCDT/ SCLT Stourbridge PowerHaus development on Enville Street, Stourbridge........ 

The Economic Case

Capital economics recently released study has used the governments own Green Book framework......

Sustainable Construction

The Dudley MBC Sustainability Appraisal 2017 states that applications should be assessed against the following sustainability criteria... 

Shared Workspace

The Stourbridge PowerHaus is not only about affordability.......


The Stourbridge Powerhaus will have  a total energy cost of  lower than £25 a month.......

Policy Alignment

All of these key points align with the WMCA and Government Levelling up agenda.....

The Narrative 

The Stourbridge PowerHaus,  SCDT and the Community Land Trust grew out of the desire to address the issues of affordability of rent and energy

And its secondary effects on the retention of creativity, enterprise, the local economy and the environment within the town of Stourbridge .  


The site on Enville Street provides a perfect continuation of the historical narrative as it stands next door to Alexandra House which due to its affordability has served as the informal home of creativity within the town for many years. 


What is a Community Land Trust

Community land trusts – or CLTs – are democratic, non profit organisations that own and develop land for the benefit of the community.


They typically provide affordable homes, community gardens, civic buildings, pubs, shops, shared workspace, energy schemes and conservation landscapes.

Run by ordinary people.

They are community organisations run by ordinary people who want to make a difference to their local community, putting control of assets into the hands of local people. They can be set up by the community or a landowner, developer or council.

Protecting community assets forever.

They ensure that their homes are permanently and genuinely affordable. CLTs act as long-term stewards of land and the assets on it. They ensure that it is put to the benefit of the local community, not just for now but for every future occupier.

A world wide movement.

Started in the USA, CLTs are now a worldwide movement. In both urban and rural areas, CLTs are a key part of the future of land, affordable housing and community facilities.

For more info on the Community Land Trust Network click on the links below :

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