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SCDT/ SCLT Stourbridge PowerHaus development on Enville Street, Stourbridge has been supported by a Homes England grant and achieved planning permission in April 2021. 

This car free development in partnership with Green Square Accord Housing is built to the highest environmental standards, incorporates a shared workspace for increased home working, a roof garden, solar panels, electric bike scheme and dedicated recycling area. These 11 affordable flats will provide greater affordability of rent and energy leading to the retention of creatives ( as defined by DCMS) as well as key workers in the town. Greater affordability of rent and energy will lead to more disposable income spent within the local economy while higher environmental standards of building and renewable energy allied to increased home working will lead to less commuter miles and an increase in air quality, all of which will help to combat the challenges of climate change. The development will move to build phase later this year 2022. 

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