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Stourbridge Community Land Trust is a community benefit society with a board of 10 active members who have met every month for nearly 3 years and have an overall membership of 60 local  people. We have carried out a range of community engagement events including events at the Town Hall and constant running consultations at the SDCT Made in Stourbridge Hub at the Ryemarket . Later this year we will be running further consultations with interested stakeholders and in particular the creative community which will again be used to build the case for the Stourbridge PowerHaus Development . SCLT will eventually become the landlord of the properties which will be available for rental in perpetuity and as a Community benefit society will belong to the people of Stourbridge. We believe this is the best way to address issues of housing need and have liaised with Housing strategy officers as well as Housing First in a constant dialogue that has confirmed the need for more affordable housing in stourbridge.  Anyone can join SCLT for £1.00

Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 Society:                 Stourbridge Community Land Trust Limited                                                      Registration number: 8285
Registration date: 19 December 2019


Allocations Policy

Equalities and Diversity

Community living

Membership policy

FCA rules 


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