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Shared Workspace

The Stourbridge PowerHaus is not only about affordability. Its main focus is creativity and how that relates to enterprise and business. The shared workspace will allow a greater opportunity for new more sustainable patterns of work and will lead to more collaborative approach between individuals and different sectors.


Recent studies and more particularly evidence from the effects of the pandemic have shown that home working will and should become a greater part of our live work balance if we are to move towards net zero and greater sustainability and resilience.  The future belongs to a more diverse work pattern with the ability to work from home but with greater connectivity and larger usable co working spaces that allow division between work and home when living in smaller spaces. This way of living and working is seen as a transitional process for early start ups creatives and entrepreneurs who are the lifeblood of new business and will be the drivers of the new economies that we need to develop if we are to move towards a more sustainable world. 


Increasingly the model is based around some working in central offices, some home working and some use of collaborative space. This cuts down commuter miles, leads to improvements in air quality,  allows for smarter working and is revisiting what was historically part of many peoples live work patterns in Stourbridge and other small towns in the Black Country. 


Workspaces will become a series of satellites with increased connectivity to central hubs in the larger cities both in transport infrastructure and digital connectivity. We see HS2 as connecting Stourbridge to Birmingham to London and the World and this alongside greater Digital connectivity will drive what will increasingly become a knowledge based economy with the advent of AI and the fourth industrial Revolution. We want Stourbridge to be part of that transition a micro version of some best examples below.  









The roof Garden will serve as a similar shared space but with an emphasis on leisure and relaxation. It will enhance quality of living within a small space . 

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