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Policy Alignment 

All of these key points align with the WMCA Land Charter and Government Levelling up agenda

  1. Affordability of rent 

  2. Rental in Perpetuity

  3. Genuine Community ownership 

  4. Addresses a clear Housing need in Stourbridge 

  5. Affordability of Energy 

  6. Modern Sustainable Construction methods 

  7. Retention of  creatives and key workers 

  8. Car free development addresses climate change 

  9. Brownfield site development.

  10. Improvements in health and wellbeing

  11.  A key step on the road to Net Zero  ( IPPR)

The Road to Net Zero 

A man is lost in the desert, desperately trying to find a well he knows is close by. Coming over the next sand dune he meets a Nomad and ask’s him for directions to the well. “ I wouldn’t start from here” answers the Nomad 


Net Zero and a sustainable world will not be achieved by the imposition of actions from above. Only by empowering local communities,  creating affordable housing and energy, with improvements in buildings and design of spaces, by creating and improving the environment and access to green spaces, by focusing on the benefits of creativity and how they relate to enterprise and build more sustainable future proofed transport and infrastructure networks can we create the new economies that will lead to net zero.   Net zero is the product of those actions and will lead to greater equality of opportunity,  a more fair and just society with associated reductions in geopolitical tensions and conflict . From that journey we will create a more sustainable future for all on our beautiful blue planet. 

The Stourbridge PowerHaus is a proof of concept. On its own it cannot change the world we live in but it can lead us towards the well. 

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